About Candy Blocks Challenge

Candy Blocks Challenge is a fun puzzle game, you will have the task of reducing the sweet candy blocks on the screen. Get ready for tough but fun challenges in this game.

Destroy the same candy blocks on the screen to complete the available challenges. That is also your only mission in Candy Blocks Challenge unblocked. This is an interesting puzzle game on the web browser, it is not a match-3 game. In each level, there are many candy icons close together, you just need to touch any candy you want to destroy immediately.

The system will mark candies of the same color to reduce the challenge for players. Instead, you only have a certain number of actions available in the game to complete the available challenges. If you exceed the number of operations and cannot collect the specified candies, you will have to start the level from the beginning. On the contrary, if you can complete the challenges less than the number of turns. Then Blocks Challenge 3D will bring more rewards than usual.

There are more than 45 different levels with increasing difficulty appearing in this exciting block destruction game. Play Candy Blocks Challenge online, you also do not need to care about the allotted time because it has no longer and replaced by a turn system. This new mechanic will make you feel more interesting than the usual puzzle games before. In addition, you should collect candy symbols according to the requirements from the game to complete the challenge. If you destroy too many different candies without the specified candy symbol, you will also lose. Therefore, focus on observing before deciding to operate.

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