About Raids.io

Play online Raids.io 2D shooter game with random strangers or join together with friends! Explore the room that you want and embark on becoming the last man standing! You and everybody will start on a distant island in the middle of nowhere. It is regarded as an ideal arena that you are able to figure out various ways to fight here.

Aside from available enemies on the Raids.io playfield, you will have the chance to fend off the poisonous gas spreading. Once you accept to participate in the match, it’s essential to manage your health and search for weapons along with other resources. Different from other titles based on Battle Royal genre, in Raids.io, you can collect eggs which will hatch and give you a dinosaur or a companion. When you unlock a dino, you will obtain better gear or upgrades. Because the world is very dangerous, they are useful tools to defend yourself and prolong your duration. Are you willing to enjoy and dominate the scoreboard? Good luck!

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