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About SlimeMaze.Io:

SlimeMaze.Io is a nice Maze-themed 2D Shooter game where you take on the role of a slime competing against other enemy slimes controlled by real human players. At first, you are in the lobby area, and once you get out of it, you will face a big maze full of enemies. Your goal in is to get to the end of the maze to become the winner, which is not easy at all. When you begin, you will probably see some blobs of slime left by other slimes. They probably lead you to the proper path or tell you what paths are dead ends. When you move, you will leave these blobs of slime too. However, you are only able to leave one every 15 seconds, therefore, you must select the location that you will leave the slime blobs in a smart way. The maze also contains some secrets! You should pay attention to that and find all of them. Do you think you will complete the maze? Good luck to you!


Move your slime using WASD, place slime blobs or purchase stuff in shops using the mouse.

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