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Tactics Core opens up a high-tech and tough clash between online hundreds of players. The game gives you a chance to pick your preferred warship. At the moment, it features a roller, a javelin, a silencer, and a manta. They all have their own statistics and weaponry. You will take control of your unit around the map in an attempt to inflict damage on the opponents. You need to work with your teammates during the course of the fight in order to destroy the rival base easily, which is also the main goal in Tactics Core. Working with your team also gives you more power, especially when you are unable to cope with the tougher enemy teams. As you destroy the enemies, more XP will be given to you, also you can level up. Then, you go purchase even more units with better upgrades. The final goal is to help your team gain victory as well as break the opponent command center! Good luck!

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