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The challenge of keeping balance in Balance Run 3D will give you great emotions. You will have to keep your character balanced for as long as possible to pass the levels.

Although introduced as an online 3D game, Balance Run 3D unblocked has high difficulty with unique challenges. Here, you will control an athlete during the performance of a balance competition. You will not need to worry about the performance of other competitors, instead, focus on your exam. In it, you will stand on a ton of boards with three boxes under both ends to start the balancing process. This means that three boxes will get you higher off the ground, and the higher the number of boxes, the safer you are. Your main goal is to collect yellow boxes along the way to overcome all available obstacles. Each different obstacle will destroy a certain number of your boxes. So, reasonable moves will also help you gain more advantages during the move.

Play Balance Run 3D online, you need to calculate the number of boxes you should collect in each situation. Because if the number of boxes on the left or on the right is more, it will cause an imbalance for the athlete. When the limit is exceeded, this guy will fall before being eliminated from the competition by the obstacles. Overall, Balance Run 3D is a game for players who are able to react quickly in situations. Of course, you can also train your reflexes in this game for fun. Besides, do not forget to unlock new characters after each level to feel more attractive when enjoying the game.

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