Happy Snakes

- in Action, Multiplayer
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About Happy Snakes:

Be a happy yet aggressive snake in a fun action-packed slitherio-inspired game called Happy Snakes! In the game, you will move around the map in the shape of a cunning snake trying to eat up all the scattered glowing dots to increase your size. The more dots you consume, the larger the size you will reach, which means you will have more power to tackle other enemy snakes without using too much effort. Once you have become a big snake, you should surround the enemies using your body, block their heads and make them crash into you, which will wipe them out instantly. However, this can happen to you in the same way, therefore, you must defend yourself from the enemy attacks all the time. Be aware of the forthcoming risks, dash away from them quickly using the speed boost, play with great strategies and turn yourself into the best snake in the entire arena! Good luck to you!


Use the mouse for the movement, click the left mouse button to speed up.

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