About Friday Night Funkin Minus

Do you want to participate in music parties where you are the main character? Try the Friday Night Funkin Minus experience to challenge yourself in fierce matches.

Friday Night Funkin Minus unblocked, this version of fnf mods gives players a complete change in terms of graphics. Accordingly, the matches from week 1 to week 6 bring differences in the matches as well as the appearance of the main characters. Moreover, players can also change the main character from the available characters. Changing Boyfriend characters constantly will bring you excitement and help things work out the way you want them to.

The change of famous BF characters

The most special highlight of Friday Night Funkin Minus mod is the ability to change the BF character after each level. Basically, players will be able to see BF versions from old to new, and of course, there will be completely new characters. Including Reanimated BF, Pico, Red BF, Blue BF, Hanks over BF, etc. Each BF character has its own appearance and unique expression so you won’t have too many difficulties choosing.

Besides, play Friday Night Funkin Minus online, players will still enjoy the familiar musical rhythm gameplay. Specifically, you need to touch the notes at the right time to be able to score points and keep up with the notes coming from the opponent. In addition, players must also minimize the number of mistakes if they do not want to lose quickly.

This mod is made by:

  • IagoAnimas as Design and Animation
  • AshGray_Art, pyroblujay and Ness: Design
  • Smokey_5, bbpanzu, Rozebud, hayasgpt and Cval: Coding
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