CELLX – another epic web-browser multiplayer game inspired by Agar.io. You have your own cell army, and you partake in a tough battle where you must vie for your arena domination. At first, you are just a small cell roaming its way through the map trying to gather plenty of idle cells across the floor. You can use these collected cells to launch attacks to others or even keep your own cells safe. Gathering cells can also help you accumulate your points, and when you have a lot of points, use them to purchase more cells to power up your army. Size developing is such an important thing in CELLX, therefore, you should never stop building your size as it can help you vanquish even tough enemies more easily. Then, you will possess the most fearsome cell army that can capture the whole playing area. Don’t be afraid of any players here! You should carefully conquer every single of them then turn yourself into the best player!

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