About Neblis.io

Neblis.io is another game that is identical to Agar.io in terms of gameplay. Instead of controlling a cell, now you play as a small orb trying to gather a lot of particles into your orbit for killing many other rivals. When you move your orb around in space, you should consume many gray particles then utilize them for dealing damage to the cores of other players. Aim at their cores and quickly destroy them before you get eliminated. Do not let their particles collide with your core, you will soak massive damage if it happens. Through overtime gathering more particles, you can begin buying some upgrades to enhance your performance, such as dot resilience, dot critical chance, speed, and max health. Each of these upgrades works differently, but they surely bring you an edge over the enemies. You must keep your orb alive for as long as possible until it becomes the most dangerous one! Join the game now!



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