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About Popsplit.us:

Here comes a new Agar.io clone online called Popsplit.us! You may have experienced many Agario spinoffs before, so make sure you give Popsplit unblocked game a shot for more experiences. In this title, you control a little cell around the map to eat smaller scattered cells for increasing your size. As you progress, you will become a very huge cell that is able to eat other enemy cells controlled by real human players. Keep eating them, fight them off and work your way to the top. Have fun with Popsplit us game now!


Move your cell using the mouse, press key W to throw mass, spacebar or key 1 to split cell, key D or key 2 to split it twice, key A or key 3 to split it 3 times, key Shift for a trick split, key Z for a line split, and the mouse wheel scroll to zoom in/out.

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