The bear is the unique animal upgraded from the Cheetah in game. This animal can swim through rivers and climb through dark green hills well. Explore it now!



In free online game, the bear is one of the most exciting animals that you can find. The bear has a dark brown fur with a black nose. A grown bear is bigger than a crocodile. Besides, there are a few larger animals are hippo and dragon.

He owns special skills such as swimming and climbing. Indeed, hills and rivers are not the difficult problem for him. He can overcome all of them without effort.

mope io
Bear animal in game

Technically, the bear:

  • Upgrades from the Cheetah at 64,000 EXP
  • Has a maximum EXP of 122,000. If you hit this point, your character will turn into the crocodile.
  • In io multiplayer game, the bear can hide in large holes and lurk in berry bushes.
  • The bar can hunt cheetahs, pigs, lions, foxes. Aside from that, this animal can eat berries, mushrooms, and mushroom bushes.
  • And, he can be eaten by all of the animals above him.
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