Before playing game online, you should learn more about the crocodile, a new upgrade from the bear! You will find out a lot of exciting info about this animal.



Crocodile is the eleventh animal in game. In your adventure, you can realize this animal easily when it rushes out of the water. The body of a crocodile has a solid bright green color with a nose with many spikes on its back and tail. If you are a new beginner, you can think that it is a dragon. However, the dragon is much bigger with a lighter hue.

Unlike the bear, the crocodile swims in mud and lakes very well. The following features will help you see more about a crocodile:

  • Gain enough 122,000 EXP and you can evolve into a crocodile from a bear.
  • If you hit 220,000 EXP, your character will become a rhino.
  • While moving in the io online, you can eat everything except for mice, rhinos, hippos, and dragons.
  • To grab the prey, a crocodile often hides in water spots and large holes. He is the first animal since the pig that can’t hide in berry bushes.
  • Especially, the crocodile can swim very quickly in lakes and mud.

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