Dragon in mope.io online game is a large animal with a light aqua green skin, wings, nose, and spikes. They can fly over hills and eat almost everything on the map.



Mope.io is a great multiplayer game that you can play online against other players, eat, and evolve. Dragon may be the strongest animal that you may desire to own. Aside from other details on their body, the tail is also an interesting part. It is much wider than any animal. The tail has the bright green outline. It can attack sneaky players who want to get XP quickly.

Dragon is evolved from the hippo when you hit 650k EXP. If you can gather 100,000,000 EXP, you can turn it into the black dragon. In mope.io game, dragons can absorb everything except mice, rabbits, and pigs. Until now, there is no evidence relating to the black dragon can kill dragons.

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Dragons are very special. They ignore the slowing effect of mud and lakes. They can hide in normal light-green bushes, dive in lakes. But, they can’t hide in any hole.

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