Hippos are one of the main animals in mope.io online game. They own a unique skill. They can slide in mud and lakes while playing mope.io multiplayer. Explore it!



Evolved from the Rhino, Hippo quickly becomes their predators in mope.io online game. Hippos are the second-largest animal. They are colored dark purple, with a large protruding snout, and two grey-blue nostrils. Hippo is able to slide in mud. Especially, they are good at swimming in lakes. They are the thirteenth and penultimate animal in mope.io. According to the recent update, Hippos have a new and more realistic look.

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Indeed, when you reach 370,000 EXP, you can play with a hippo. If you can gain a maximum EXP of 650,000, you can start the adventure with a dragon. Hippo can eat everything that they meet in mope.io game, except mice, rabbits, and dragons. Dragons can attack and swallow hippos. Berry bushes, large hiding holes, and water spots are the positions that they love most. Aside from sliding in mud and lakes, they can dive underwater for a long time.

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