Pig is an exciting animal in the popular multiplayer mope.io game. Pig is evolved from the rabbit with 230 EXP. It is the first creature on the map can eat mushrooms.



In mope.io game, the pig is the third animal. Its color is pink. When it wants to eat the prey, it will bloat up several times so that it is larger than its past two upgrades. However, this creature is still dwarfed by later animals.

When you start the game as a rabbit, you need to eat and gather enough 230 XP to evolve into a pig. When you gain a maximum XP capacity of 500, you will become a fox.

In mope.io game, you are able to hide in small and large hiding holes. The food includes mice, rabbits, and berries. Aside from that, the pig is the first creature can eat mushrooms. The enemy of a pig in mope.io consists of Fox, Lion, Zebra, Cheetah, Mole, Bear, Crocodile, Hippo, and Dragon, except Deer and Cheetah.


Play as a pig

You have to move around berry bushes or lakes or mud lakes when you are a pig. Watch out hiding holes!

Play against a pig

When you play as a mouse or a rabbit, you should avoid any pig in sight. But, you can bite their tail in a sneak attack. If you are a fox, you can hide in the berry bush and jump out to catch it.

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