Rabbit is one of the cute animals in mope.io game. The favorite food of these creatures is mice and berries. They help rabbit evolve into the pig quickly.



After the mouse, the rabbit is the second animal in mope.io game. When the mouse collects enough 50 XP, it will turn into the rabbit. If a rabbit wants to evolve into the pig, it needs to have a maximum XP of 200. In mope.io, the rabbit will only eat berries with mice and drink water drops. Aside from that, the rabbit can become the tasty dinner of all animals between pig and crocodile except for deer. Rabbit is able to hide in small and large hiding holes.


Play as a rabbit

When you boot the adventure as a rabbit, you should stick around berry bushes and hunt mice. Try to do this until you change into a pig! Be careful of hiding holes!

Play against a rabbit

When you play as a mouse in mope.io game, you are possible to stay in holes and keep biting rabbits. If you are a pig, you can lure the rabbit into mud or a lake. If you are a fox, you are able to hide in a berry bush and jump out of there to attack them. In case you are a cheetah, you can force the rabbit into mud or water.

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