Rhino is one of the most exciting animals in mope.io online game. This creature is evolved from Crocodile. It can hide in water spots and charge the horn.



Rhino is a cute animal that you can meet in mope.io game. This animal is upgraded from the crocodile at 220,000 EXP. If you are able to collect enough 370,000 EXP, your rhino will turn into another creature called Hippo. To boost, you should press W key or Spacebar or right click. Note that you can only control the direction when you speed up at the end of it. Rhino was added to the November 7th update. Although Rhino has an old skin, it was added after the new skins were added. In mope.io online, Rhino can eat everything such as berries, mushrooms, animals below it.

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However, it can’t absorb mice, rabbits, hippos, and dragons. Even, it will be eaten by hippos and dragons if you let the enemy have a chance. Rhino can hide in large hiding holes to wait for the prey. Let’s play and try your best evolve into a rhino!

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