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Zebra is the unique creature in mope.io game. It has a white body with many black stripes towards the rear. These stripes create shapes as elongated diamonds. Meanwhile, you can see its eyes are further back on the head than most of other animals.

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Mope io

When you reach 8,000 EXP, a lion can evolve into a zebra. If you can collect enough 18,000 EXP, you can turn the zebra into the cheetah – the character is often mentioned in the lower classes. A zebra can hide in large holes and behind berry bushes. The zebra can gather more EXP by eating mice, rabbits, pigs, foxes, deer the first animal can absorb mushrooms and lilypads. Zebra is not able to swallow any lion. Also, they have never been able to eat lions in mope.io. But, the zebra will not avoid being eaten by crocodiles, hippos, moles, and dragons if they don’t pay attention to these enemies.

With the mole, the zebra was added in the October 26th update. The old upgrade message said “Upgraded to Zebra: You can now eat Red Mushroom Bushes! Also, zebras eat lions(HUH!)”.

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