About OddBods: Go Bods

OddBods: Go Bods is a puzzle game with attractive physics on the web browser. You need to clear the available obstacles so that Bubbles and Slick can practice riding safely.

Bubbles and Slick is practicing cycling on the street in preparation for the upcoming cycling competition. Play OddBods Go Bods online, you need to make sure that these two guys move safely in two different directions to win. Specifically, Bubbles will move in the upper lane and Slick will move in the lower lane. It may sound unrelated, but both have an impact on the obstacles on the screen. Your task is to destroy the obstacles that appear in each level so that they can move straight to the designated location. Or you can also take advantage of obstacles to create a path to move. Make sure that both main characters reach the finish line safely if you want to complete the challenge.

OddBods Go Bods unblocked is a puzzle game so there will be many levels available. Each level will come with obstacles as well as different physical mechanisms for players to freely explore. If in the first levels, you can easily pass, things will become more difficult in the next challenges. We believe that you will replay many times to be able to complete all available levels in this logic html5 game. Moreover, there will be no time system appearing in this game to help players not feel pressured. However, the score will decrease over time, and if you complete the challenge for too long, you may not get a perfect score. Think quickly, and at the same time ensure accuracy to complete the levels in the game.

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