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Hobo without flash will get you excited with fun action levels. You will play as Hobo and help him defeat the enemies on the street with powerful fighting combos.

This game is the first installment in the Hobo action game series. It offers hilarious levels where you’ll play like a lousy but determined guy. Many people on the street are making fun of your appearance, so let them know what you are. You can use fun combos like punching, kicking, jumping and more.

Your job in the hobo game html5 unblocked is to control the character’s movements and perform combos. Everything is quite easy in the early levels but that doesn’t happen in the later levels. Your enemies will be stronger and more numerous, demanding your progress. You can unlock new combos to gain an advantage.

To win, you’ll need to know how to combine attacks. Moreover, you can use the items on the way such as trash cans, bottles, sticks and more to attack enemies. You can hit anyone including innocent people. But it’s best to spend your HP on important brawls.

The gameplay of the game is really attractive and addictive, but its design is no less. It brings super funny images and interesting fighting effects. Besides, the cheerful music also contributes to the inspiration for the endless battle journey.

So, if you love these, don’t hesitate to try hobo 1 unblocked in the browser right here. You just need to use the keys to play and a stable Internet connection. If you want better challenges, you can play the second part of this title, Hobo 2.

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