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Uphill Rush 7 brings players to the water park to perform exciting races. Here, you will transform into a regular tourist experiencing the services at the water park.

Have you ever been to a water park to experience the exciting services it brings? Join the latest installment of the Uphill Rush series to freely explore the water park by day and by night. First, you need to choose for yourself a suitable water slide before completing the challenging tracks.

The content of Uphill Rush Water Park is very diverse with endless water slides. Your task is to help the main character overcome all the obstacles that appear on the screen without falling. At the same time collect the coins and reach the finish line safely to get the rewards you deserve.

Compared to normal bike games, Uphill Rush 7 gives you fewer challenges and obstacles. Instead, the racing system in the game is very diverse with many different areas for you to freely explore without getting bored. The terrain will change continuously after each play with new challenges.

After collecting coins, you can use that money to unlock new items or accessories for your character. It could be a crocodile float, a jetski, or whatever you want. Should you start in easy mode at first, then unlock normal and hard mode for more challenge when playing the game.

Uphill Rush 7 unblocked with full of the most attractive features. This game is ready to bring you moments of exciting experience with simple but addictive gameplay. At the same time, the new accessories will also help you always feel excited when enjoying, do not miss the appearance of this game.

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