About Squid Stacky Maze

Squid Stacky Maze takes you to endless mazes with careful guarding. Join the game, you need to find a way to get out of here thanks to your wits before it’s too late.

Take on the challenge of collecting bricks in Squid Stacky Maze to escape the maze

It’s not easy to escape the mazes on the island located in the open sea in Squid Stacky Maze unblocked. Your task is to collect white bricks to increase the main character’s height. Each brick will help this guy get closer to the safe area, the more bricks, the higher the chance of escaping.

Initially, the mazes are designed to be relatively simple so you can collect white bricks and complete the challenge quickly. Things will become more difficult in the next levels when you need to calculate more carefully. Just one wrong move leaves you with no chance to correct it.

Use the edges of the maze to your advantage

You can take advantage of the edges of the maze to help the character move more reasonably. He will glide over the bricks in the specified direction, and will stop if he touches the edges of the maze. So you need to think the most optimal moves to collect as many bricks as possible to win.

Score increase at the end of each level

At the end of each level, this Squid game online multiplayer offers terrains that increase the score. This is when the bricks that you collect come into full play. And have the opportunity to multiply your score many times over. The more bricks you own, the further you will move in the area.

Play Squid Stacky Maze online on browsers, you will have the opportunity to explore interesting puzzle levels through the task of collecting bricks. Despite the relatively simple operation, believe me, the next challenges will make you think a lot to win.

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