Food is the very necessary item for animals in online game to eat and evolve. There are various types of food such as berries, mushrooms, lily pads, etc. food

Play as an animal in game you are allowed to find and absorb food to turn into the better one. Some animals can eat all of them while others can only eat a few of those. For example, the mouse or the rabbit only eat red berries. They can change mushrooms into berries if they shoot water drops at mushrooms. From the pig up, animals can consume mushrooms. Red mushrooms are only edible by deer. Meanwhile, lily pads are useful for deer and higher-level ones. This is the list of food that you can ingest: New Foods New Foods



Berries are the most popular food in online. They are suitable with the favor of most small- and medium-sized animals. They will give a very amount of EXP. Large pink berry bushes will spawn berries around them quickly.



Mushrooms have two different colors, green and red. Pigs and above will eat green mushrooms while Deer and other larger animals love red mushrooms.

Lily pads

Lily pads grow in lakes. They are eaten by deer and larger animals.

Mushroom bushes


Mushroom bushes appear around the map of game at random. However, you can frequently see them in and around lakes. They are the favorite food for zebras and larger animals.

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