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About Crowded

Crowded game with free play is an epic zombies game about building up a giant crowd in a large city full of NPCs and online opponents. Crowded City free is a game based on Crowd City Mobile app game. Now, rather than playing it on your mobile device, you can easily play the game for free in your browser. In Crowded City the game, you will control a zombie around the city eating as many humans as possible or even defeating the enemy zombies with their big crowds. By doing so, you can make your crowd grow larger and gradually, it will become the biggest one in the city. Be careful with the enemy zombies that are too tough to destroy. They can turn around attacking you surprisingly. So, you must defend your own crowd and keep increasing it until you become number 1 on the leaderboard. Let’s enjoy CrowdedCity game online!


Use the mouse or arrow keys to control your zombie and your crowd around the city.

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