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About is a zombies-themed upgrades IO game where you have to cope with a lot of deadly zombies and try to kill them all for your survival. In the arena, there is not only you struggling with them, but other brave humans are also doing everything they can to get through the hordes of zombies. It won’t be easy to survive this disaster but this is the challenge you must conquer. You have to roam through the map skillfully trying to get the new weapons then utilize them wisely finish off all zombies standing in your way. You will also have to perform a lot of actions in order to deal with rivals more easily. More importantly, you’d better watch out for your surroundings because you may get ambushed anytime! Do whatever it takes to stay alive and turn yourself into the best survivor in this apocalyptic world! Good luck to you!


Move with arrow keys or WASD. Use key Shift to roll, key C to crouch, spacebar to jump, the left mouse to fire, use the right mouse to aim, change weapons with 1-5, perform an action using key E, press key Enter to chat, key Tab for the leaderboard, key P to pause and key L to toggle the mouse. 

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