Monsters VS Humans !

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About Monsters VS Humans !:

Monsters VS Humans ! is one of the top horror Free For All Io games. It is available to play and test your own survival skill! Take part in the new challenge and get ready to experience unique missions! actually, your job will depend on the character that you are given. After you accept to join the match, you will be assigned the random role. If you are chosen to become a zombie, you will have to roam around to look for humans and catch them. Try to finish the task as soon as possible! Meanwhile, the rest or survivor must run away from you. They can use objects available on the floor to block your progress. Not only that, these players are able to purchase weapons or something from the shop to kill you. You’d better move and act up wisely if you want to fulfill the round and win. Are you willing to enjoy and dominate?


Use WASD keys to move around, B to buy, E to collect items, G to drop

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