About Tangies.io

The mission for you in Tangies.io unblocked is to run to avoid the plague of asteroids that are smashing your planet as you attempt to fight against other players for the limited amount of resources that are dropping from the sky. Tangies.io online is a fun yet challenging asteroids io game where you can test your reflexes and skills. Play it now to experience it all!

When you spawn, you must watch your surroundings and quickly move to avoid the asteroids. You have to run back and forth from the sides of the screen to dodge them. If you touch them, you will take damage, causing the game to be over. Also, try to collect upgrades as well as resources quickly. You can collect shields, energy, fireball, and invisibility before other players pick them. Then, you have to use those resources to outplay your rivals. Try to survive all dangers and get to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the winner!

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