About Anark.io

Anark.io is an intense classic multiplayer RPG shooting game. In which, you will fight against tons of monsters and opponents. Take the role of a cat and you will be equipped with a basic gun. Use that weapon to shoot down everybody in the bar and loot their gold to become the richest character. However, you should remember to follow the arrow showing the bank’s position to save your money after you loot. Otherwise, your financial balance will return to 0 and it will be lost in case you die. With the coins that you steal, you are able to open up prize boxes to get new weapons and other rewards. Aside from upgrades, you can collect a lot of power-ups along the way and in crates scattered across the room. Be careful! Quickly dodge attacks or you will be eliminated in an instant! Are willing to take part in the challenge and conquer the highest level? Good luck!

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