About Blocker game

Blocker game is a new free io game online giving you a bunch of challenges to go through. Let’s say yes to this Multiplayer game and start a new mission now! Basically, the game gives you a chance to become a character that is very similar to Minecraft guy. You can become any person you want, such as warrior, doctor, shinobi, basher, bomber, warlock, and much more. Select your favorite one and then go fight against other numerous characters! These characters have their own unique abilities which you can use to battle and protect yourself. Your main mission is to go around and try to gather a lot of coins on your way. Then, you can spend them on buying various new weapons and helpful stuff. Try to defeat all wicked bosses and increase your rank on the leaderboard. If you want to experience more features, you should check out Blocker game mods for more! Have fun!

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