About Celestia.io

Celestia.io is an exciting multiplayer online strategy Io game in which you will play as a blob moving around a massive map. In the new environment, you have to defeat all of the enemies to become the biggest player as soon as possible. Once you reach that goal, you can dominate the top spot without difficulty. Aside from a large number of the passive food orbs, you are able to see a lot of pellets that slain opponents leave when they end their journey. Both of them are very useful and effective for those who want to grow in size. While eating, you should keep an eye on everything surrounding you because you can be attacked anytime. To escape, change another direction or speed up. However, boosting will cost some mass. When you are strong enough, hunt down others to collect the energy faster.If you find yourself trapped in the combat, fire directly at the projectile of the antagonist to stop them and turn them into your dinner. Start to explore more strategies now!

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