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Chompers.io unblocked is quite similar to the classic snake game but brings many unique new points. This time, you will control a monster to survive with others.

In io games, you always find a fun yet addictive experience, this game is so. It is a fun online survival game for you to play for hours. Your mission is simply to stay alive as long as possible to get on the leaderboard. It is an endless journey, requiring constant upgrading and flexibility in your strategy.

If you are ready, come to this HTML5 free online game and join the massive online battleground. There you will find many foods scattered on the map and you can eat them to get bigger. When reaching a certain amount of food, your character will reach a new level, thereby increasing in size and strength.

But these foods are not unique, the best thing on the map is the meat of other players. If you beat them, you’ll enjoy sweet loot to grow up faster. However, you should make sure that you have a wise plan of attack so that you do not have to stop regretfully.

Your character can choose weapons including wand, trident, a banana, kingship, carrot mace and more. Each weapon will have a different effect, so consider its effectiveness before choosing. Moreover, you need to control your character reasonably to exploit the power of your weapon.

This experience is really fun, so don’t hesitate to miss it. Your goal is to be the last survivor and get on the leaderboard. Chompers.io multiplayer is now available here for you to play online and connect with many friendly gamers.

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