About Dizzytroopers.io

Dizzytroopers.io is a cool 2D shooter. Enter the new free-for-all io game and use up your own shooting ability to rack up the most point as soon as possible! Start off with a man who always feels dizzy and fight against tons of enemies online. The number of yellow stars circling your head will reduce when you destroy somebody. Try to time your shots so you can score kills and rank up! When they disappear, you can return to the normal state and obtain a special ability that allows you to aim freely. Play Dizzytroopers.io unblocked on PC or mobile platform and you should control keys skillfully. Besides, the power-ups that you gather on the floor will be useful to increase your survivability. They may be a green star, a flash of lightning, a shield, or a red pill, and more. Don’t bump into anybody who is stronger than you! Otherwise, you can be eliminated rapidly. Good luck!

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