About Dodgeballs.io

Dodgeballs.io is a cool Agar.io-styled game that you can explore free online with multiple players. You will control an aggressive character. Enter the new arena and embark on the fight against everybody. The goal is to sit on the throne as soon as possible. You need to kill every opponent that you see on the map quickly to rank up and hit the top spot. When you are successful in taking over the leaderboard, you also hit the highest level. To become the winner, you should be the person who can really well manage and deal with all of the dangerous situations. Dodgeballs.io is not a sports match that you have ever viewed before. It is a survival battle in which you will roam and pick the ball that you want so as to use it and shoot down the target. Meanwhile, you must stay away from deadly attacks to survive. Let’s share with your friends and check the challenge right now!

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