About Go! Eat! Bomb!

Go! Eat! Bomb! is a new online multiplayer game officially available for you to play and experience. Enter a new world and attempt to eat, survive, kill the enemy, and rank up. The ultimate mission is to be the first player who takes over the top spot by collecting the best score, reaching the highest level and earning the most money. The coin will unlock skins and other stuff. You will start the match with a glutton, a very hungry monster wearing a cool ushanka hat. After you spawn, keep away from dangerous guys and move smartly. Also, choose the appropriate time to open the mouth and bite the food comprising kittens, mushrooms, and N2O tablets. They will help you speed up and enlarge temporarily. But, you should avoid the shot or it will make you lose. However, you are able to burst yourself to eliminate other people in a crowd. Let’s enjoy and win! Good luck!

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