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HelmetRoyale.io is finally available in a browser and playable for free. Are you ready for this action-packed battle royale game with classic 2D graphics? In this title, you play as a character who is armed with a protective helmet. You will make your way through the arena searching for other enemies and quickly eliminate them using various items you already loot from many chests or different weapons you have collected on the ground. In addition to this, you should also search for some great slot machines which bring you a random item. Having more collected items always gives you a chance to get an upper hand on other players. In HelmetRoyale.io, you have to fight for the top champion on the leaderboard. To reach the top 1, you must accumulate as many kills as possible. Let’s try to challenge all of your skills, practice them through the in-game battle then see if you can build your ultimate dominance in the arena or not.

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