About Nend.io

Nend.io is a good MMO survival game. In which, you will be able to check out and prove your own capability in front of other players. Your story will be started since you and opponents are delivered to a city. From that moment, you need to master how to protect yourself from the enemy, survive, and grow. Come to the new adventure you can age and rebirth. After you accept to join, you will encounter many aggressive characters. You can use your fists to defeat them or avoid those antagonists. Furthermore, you can pick up cash, gather power-ups and loot. However, do not forget to find a job when playing Nend.io because it will help you earn money, buy food, clothes, drugs, and even a mall. Moreover, you are allowed to obtain upgrades which are important to make skills better. Try to enjoy everything in your lifetime! Finally, you can prepare for the last stage by getting a successor. Have fun!

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