About Shooters.io

Shooters.io is a cool space-themed 2D shooter game which is available on Web, Android and iOS platforms. Take part in a great combat and get ready to rule the whole arena as soon as possible! Show up your shooting skill, destroy others and catch up with their spaceships to increase your fleet in number. To take over the leaderboard, you are recommended to build up the biggest squadron. Aside from flying, using auto-shoot and auto-grow is optional. In Shooters.io, you are able to assemble ships and make your troop stronger at once a time when you turn off auto getting larger. One the best strategies that you should refer is to chase top scorers. If you are successful in killing them, you will obtain the chance to earn more points. Or, you can choose to surprise the prey with sudden growth. If you are tired, check another journey with your team. Good luck!

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