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About unblocked is one of the best 2D shooter io games. You can play game online for free on Mope-io! The game gives you a chance to prove your shooting abilities when it pits you against zombies and enemies in a mysterious town. Have your skills ready for it!

In online, you have to make your way through a mysterious town that is infected with zombies. You need to be careful when moving and make sure you create a base or use a vehicle to squash all zombies. Don’t forget to use strong weapons to deal damage to all zombies before they get close to you. Every action you do, from shooting to getting in a car, the zombies will hear you and they will chase you. Try your best to defend yourself from them if you want to survive. You can get access to an upgrade or a new building. Feel free to play solo or work with your friends to fight off all waves of zombies and become the winner! Play game now to prove your skills! Have fun with it!


Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Shoot enemies using the left mouse button, click the right mouse or B to place a building, interact with objects using the spacebar, run or drift in a car using Shift, use number keys, or the mouse wheel scroll for changing weapons, and click the building to change it.

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