About SoccerBall.io

SoccerBall.io is a cool free for all multiplayer sports game where you will be able to play as a guest or login to create teams, join friends, and boost up your own player. You can register for an account via Facebook, Twitter or Google +. If you want to get rid of the boring match with the random opponent, you can come to a competition in which you will have the time to work together with up to four guys and compete against the opposing party. The first one who has 4 points with a 2 score lead will win the challenge. Currently, there are three game modes that you can choose from. They comprise Normal, Tournament, and Private Room. Each of them will bring to you different experiences. After you enter the playing field, you need to move skillfully and catch the ball quickly. Next, get close to the net and launch an accurate kick. You can pass the item to a teammate if you are going to be tackled or blocked. Approaching the rival’s goal is considered as a good strategy to maximize the winning chance. Also, try to speed up properly.

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