About Spaceone.io

Spaceone.io is a fun-addicting massively multiplayer browser game that you can play online for free. Input the name for the own fleet and enter the new arena with a large number of other opponents. The main aim is to conquer the top spot of the leaderboard. You will take control of an army of ships in space at the beginning. And you should know that the universe that you have discovered is also a great place for you and the enemy to show up the best abilities as well as bury each other. Once you trigger the combat, you have to try your best to defeat everybody around you in the shortest time to survive, defend and reach the goal. In the Spaceone.io, you’d better think of building up the biggest troop. Also, you don’t forget to take over the outer space. Dodge all bullets and gather as many spaceships as possible. Let’s enjoy and share with your buddies now!

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