STARBOMBA is regarded as an upgraded version of Bomberman. Enjoy a fierce classic iO game as a hero like Bomb Jack and compete against multiple enemies online. The main aim is to be the last survivor. Aside from these opponents, you can get troubles with tons of deadly traps on the path. Are you ready to take part in combat and become the ultimate player?

Play STARBOMBA unblocked and you will be able to experience a battle as same as PUBG. Actually, it contains many similar features. For example, the playfield will automatically shrink in size over time. After the first spawn, you need to evade team fights and search for valuable items in STARBOMBA free to obtain stronger bombs. With the explosives and firearms, it’s easier to eliminate the foes and defend your character. In case you take some speed from lightning objects, you can run away from deadly obstacles faster. Remember that you are going to engage in a fierce survival race to seek the new home! Good luck!

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