About Super Treasure Arena

Super Treasure Arena is a great multiplayer online action game where you will have to compete against other players to become the first person who possesses the most gold. Stealing loot is the most important element in the combat that you will play. There are many different classes you can choose such as Warrior, Mage, Mystic, Ninja, Rogue. They will bring to you various abilities. Learning their weakness and strengths is a good idea to know how to take control of them properly. It is also considered as a strategy for success. Aside from that, there are two primary game modes, Classic (gather the valuable objects from monsters and chests or from the antagonist) and Treasure Run (attempt to survive while running back to the base with the shiny goods you have stolen). In Super Treasure Arena, you are able to find out a variety of weapons. Roam around and you will have the chance to pick up these items, including bows, magic stuff, bombs, rockets, and so on. Use the available equipment to blast away the opponent and protect yourself. Explore the adventure now!

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