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Sworm.io game is an upgraded version which is based on Slither style. It is available for the player to enjoy the Free For All with multiple rivals. Explore several distinguishing features and learn how to become the top winner as soon as possible. So as to achieve the goal, you should destroy other worms and keep you safe until the last moment. Dissimilar to the original, you can control a swarm instead of a single creature. After you enter the map, you will roam around to find food. Eat and grow bigger. Watch out! You will die if you cannot avoid bumping into others. However, you can defend your body by killing bugs and collecting shield bonuses. In case you’d like to consume more, pick magnets. To add more minions, you need to select the corresponding bonus. Let’s join the hunting and look for those who are not armored! Good luck!

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Magnus is very pleased to be our companion in this website project. She is always actively supporting, finding small bugs, or giving suggestions to improve the user experience on the website. She is truly mission-critical to any website and ours is no exception.

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