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About unblocked is a very cool multiplayer game in a browser. Playing online helps you upgrade your throwing skill through diverse in-game challenges. You will be dropped into an enormous arena in which you will compete against your rivals and slay them all for your ultimate triumph. The in-game map is very huge, you will spawn on a random area, and to kill rivals, you must throw your hammer at them accurately. Hammer is your basic tool in these survival matches, so you need to make the most out of them to your advantage. The hammer can be recalled after it has been thrown at enemies. Just click the mouse to recall it for more encounters! Watch out for your surroundings as you may get hit by someone else. With a lot of kills you pick up, you can easily get to the top rank on the leaderboard. with free play will be a perfect choice for you. Check it out!


Move your thrower using arrow keys or WASD. Press the spacebar or key Shift to sprint, use the left mouse to throw the weapon, and click the right mouse to recall it.

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