About Unfair Mazes

Unfair Mazes unblocked is a unique turn-based puzzle strategy io game with two or four-player mode. You can play Unfair Mazes game for free on Mope-io! Feel free to compete against bots in Single Player Mode or other opponents from around the world in the multiplayer mode. Since the game is based on turns, this means you must make use of your turns to outplay your opponent.

You have to make your way through the board in the smartest way possible if you want to beat your enemy. Try to take your piece to the goal at the opposite corner of the board before your opponent reaches their goal. When you are using your turn, you should make at least two moves if you have already saved some moves from a former turn. There are some actions that will cost you one move when you do, including rotating a wall, advancing, and advancing an opponent. You have to make smart decisions based on your starting position and board you get. In case you get a difficult board, attempt to approach your opponent to destroy them and advance them in the wrong direction. Remember to save your dashes for a final dash to the goal! Also, using the saved moves can help you cross over your enemy’s path before they cross yours. Can you outplay your opponent to win? Enjoy Unfair Mazes online!

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