is a great multiplayer game where you have to try to survive and evolve. And animals play a primary role in Let's explore more about animals!


Animals are the playable characters in All of you will begin the adventure as a mouse. To evolve into stronger animals, you have to find the food and eat them constantly. When you die as anything except a mouse, your next run is allowed to start with additional experience. Animals should drink water regularly so as not to be dehydrated. The current final or highest evolution is Dragon. Animals explode into mushrooms and red mushrooms on dehydration.

Animals Animal Guide

Indeed, animals are an important part of game. Creatures that you see on the map are the elements creating the perfect food chain. In which, strong animals will be able to eat those below them. These animals are quite small and circular. The higher-ranked animals own many special details such as ears, nose, mouth, and so on. However, among animals in game, only the mouse has the tail.

Your character will have the dark green outline while animals that you can attack have the light green outline.


Besides, the enemy which can eat you will have a red outline.


You can’t absorb the players who have the dark green outline.

List of animals

You can find their information in the next our articles easily. Have fun!

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