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MONWAR.IO is a highly addictive Tower Defense RPG game opening a brutal war between the noble kings. You become one of them who is in charge of an epic army that is destined to dominate the entire land. You start with a basic army and you must gather a lot of resources as fast as possible then utilize them to call for more units in order to fortify your unbeatable army. After that, you begin building some strong settlements, buildings and more defensive walls in order to help elude incoming attacks launched by the enemies. Another important thing is that you must continue growing your precious resources so you can keep your army upgraded through over time. Don’t forget to develop your own smart strategies to outplay all enemies and beat everything in sight! You must form your ultimate dominance in the arena! Are you ready? Join it now! Wish you luck!


Use arrow keys or WASD for the movements. Click the left mouse to assault, use the number keys for calling for a troop.

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