About SnakeBlock.io

Are you expecting to enjoy a fun snake-themed game combining Splix.io and Slither.io? Then, SnakeBlock.io will be a wonderful choice for you. The game features snake and block elements. You direct a small snake around the map in an attempt to consume many circles dispersed around the map. Try your hardest to eat a lot of them in order to increase your size. You have to make sure that your snake will turn into a bigger snake, then you can get ready for some hunting! You can go kill other rival snakes by making them run into your body, blocking their movements and using any tricks you know to wipe them out of the arena. Feel comfortable to use the dash ability so you can easily catch your targets or dash away from the dangers. However, you need to recharge this ability by breaking many colored blocks on the map. Do whatever it takes to survive the challenges and get to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the winner!

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