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Cute Elements HTML5 will challenge you in crazy and fun levels of mind puzzles. You need to help the lovely water primate overcome the challenges and save its friends.

This game is a great choice for all gamers to relax and have fun in online browsing. It includes dozens of different levels with fun challenges to test your puzzle skills. Your mission in each level is to help the elemental get the key to the lock and collect as many stars as possible.

Just click on the screen to play but it’s not boring and simple at all. Everything seems simple at first, but the challenge for you will become more and more difficult. Sometimes, you just have to drag the water in one direction to win. But sometimes, you will need to calculate wiser and more complicated moves.

When you play this puzzle game online, you can experiment with different puzzles. You can touch the water element to have it decay and water down the surrounding. This is how you can collect the star while reaching the lock. But depending on the situation, you will need other puzzle tips to conquer the levels.

Besides, don’t forget to decorate your character with unique accessories. The game gives you hats, beards and more to highlight your water element, Over time you also unlock new levels with creative challenges. Thanks to that, you will have an endless adventure to enjoy the joy of the scenery and the music.

You can play Cute Elements online now and enjoy its fun. It is a lovely and fun but challenging game that promises to satisfy puzzle lovers. Besides, with lovely design, it will keep you happy for a long time.

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