About Occup4fun

Try another fun real-time strategy game called Occup4fun and put your skills to a test! You will play against so many rivals worldwide, which makes the game much more engaging and tougher to conquer. The in-game mission is to take over a lot of tiles when you roam through the map. You should let your realms get boxed by other players as they are doing the same task, and make sure you capture their tiles using your conquer points in order to expand your realm even more. Be sure to watch out for your surroundings all the time because if you get caught off guard by someone else, you will be so down and they will take this chance to kick you out of the arena, causing the game to be over. Therefore, try your hardest to defend yourself, especially your kingdom! Develop your own smart strategies to outsmart all rivals and conquer the map! Good luck to you!

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